How I consolidated my daily supplement regimen from 28 to 4 pills a day and saved money!

– Bill Sardi, Formulator of Molecular Multi

If I can show you how to obtain a comprehensive multivitamin that will fill 99% of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain healthy @ $1.37/day and reduce the number of pills you take in your daily supplement regimen and save you money, will I have gotten your attention?

Frankly, it’s time for an upgrade for multivitamins. The past decade of nutritional science has ushered in an era of molecular medicine and the control of our genes that can override what we inherited from our forefathers.

Most avid supplement users like me are spending $5.00 a day and upwards to obtain the same nutrients used in studies published over a decade ago.

For example, we have no idea that coffee, tea, alcohol, added sugars and carbohydrates are vitamin B1 (thiamin) blockers.  Fat-soluble Benfotiamine is needed to overcome this problem.  An undetected shortage of B1 can adversely affect your brain, heart and nervous system.

I’ll just bet your multivitamin only provides water-soluble vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that washes away to create nothing more than expensive urine when there is fat-soluble vitamin C (Ascorbyl palmitate) that is stored in your fatty tissues and helps maintain vitamin C levels required for health.  [Linus Pauling Institute]

Check your multivitamin to see if it provides insoluble oxide forms of magnesium and zinc.   Only 4% of magnesium oxide is absorbed and regarding magnesium, one study showed 55% of zinc citrate is soluble whereas zinc oxide solubility is nil resulting in mag citrate being 36-times better absorbed than zinc oxide. [Magnesium Research Dec 2001; Journal American College Nutrition Feb 1990]  Oxide forms of minerals are a waste of money.

Folic acid (fully oxidized synthetic vitamin B9), required for DNA repair, is fortified in foods and is a very (85%) bioavailable form of vitamin B9 however up to 53% of individuals may have a genetic variation that makes it difficult to metabolize folic acid.  Mass genetic screening would be impractical so it is best to supplement the diet with both folic acid (synthetic) and food-form (natural) folate.  [Linus Pauling Institute]  Since DNA repair is critical, the Molecular Multi provides both forms of B9.

Niacin (vitamin B3) is commonly provided in multivitamins as niacinamide (nicotinamide), the non-flushing form of B3.  However, in recent times researchers suggest the active form of B3 in the body, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), might be superior to niacinamide in regenerating the energy compartments in living cells called mitochondria.  [Current Opinion Cellular Biology April 2003]There are many other preferable forms of vitamins and minerals that should be provided in multivitamins.  Vitamin A and beta carotene that converts to vitamin A when consumed with fat in meals [Journal Tropical Pediatrics Feb 2002]; vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin, the active form of B12 in our blood circulation, rather than cheap cyanocobalamin that is actually derived from cyanide of all things [Nutrition Research Feb 2016]; both families of vitamin E (tocopherols and Tocotrienols) [International Journal Molecular Sciences Sept 2015]; natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) instead of synthetic vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) [British Journal Nutrition March 28, 2013]; and the organically-bound form of selenium rather than inorganic selenite or selenite [Journal Trace Elements Medicine Biology July 1995].  These superior forms of vitamins and minerals should be preferred in your multivitamin.

As we age it becomes more and more difficult to absorb and metabolize and deliver bioavailable nutrients to the trillions of living cells in the human body.  A properly formulated multivitamin should address these issues.  The Molecular Multi is the first multivitamin to include beta cyclodextrin as a stabilizer and solubilizing agent.  [Journal Pharmacy Bioallied Sciences April 2010]There is a growing awareness of the need to favorably alter gut (intestinal) bacteria to inhibit chronic low-grade inflammation that is characteristic of advancing age.   The provision of probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidus) and prebiotics (resveratrol, beta glucan, apple pectin, quercetin) in the Molecular Multi is designed to encourage growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

The Molecular Multi also provides an array of polyphenols (quercetin, resveratrol, cloves, and rosemary) as well as digestive aids – papain from enzyme from papaya and betaine as acid replacement; an array of carotenoids (beta carotene/orange, lutein-zeaxanthin/yellow, lycopene (red) and astaxanthin (pink) [British Journal Pharmacology Sept 16, 2016] is provided and supplemental beta carotene does not induce lung cancer as previously alleged [National Health Federation].  Supplemental nucleotides (the steps on the DNA ladder) are provided to facilitate DNA repair and to enhance immunity. [Clinical Nutrition June 2002]  Nature’s anti-calcifying/mineral chelating agent (IP6) is provided from rice bran as well.  Boron is included to enhance mineralization. [Magnesium Research Sept 1993]In all, the MOLECULAR MULTI provides 44 nutrients in their optimally absorbed and utilized forms.  Consumers would spend over $3.00 a day and could end up taking more than 44 pills/day if purchased individually.  The consolidation of pills makes it more convenient to take a comprehensive multivitamin compared to a regimen of separate supplemental nutrients that may still not be inclusive of all essential nutrients.

120-capsule bottle of THE MOLECULAR MULTI, formulated by Bill Sardi under the label as a 4-capsule per day multivitamin is available from LIFESPAN NUTRITION for $54.75 retail price (buy 3 bottles get 1 free/ $164.25/ 4 bottles = $41.06 discount price per bottle, or just $1.37/day).  For cash-strapped individuals, consumption of 2 capsules/day, which provides a broader array of nutrients than most other multivitamins, would cost as little as $20.53/month or as little as 68-cents a day.

You can be an elite vitamin supplement user like me and take advantage of all the latest science that has been accumulating over the past decade.  Don’t get stuck taking scientifically antiquated multivitamins.  Americans are living longer and need optimal nutrition to increase their healthpan and lifespan.  I’m saving money and time and putting up nutritional roadblocks to our biological time clock.  Learn more about THE MOLECULAR MULTI at  — Bill Sardi, available directly at

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